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It is easy for Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing Ltd., to stand apart from its competition because, in many ways, it has no competitors. Not only are we  the only whitewater race boat manufacturer in North America, but we build a rugged adventure backcountry boat for rivers and lakes. Riverboat technology is a fast-paced market, and we set the pace. Dale Whiteside saw an opportunity to merge two companies together.  One started with Alex Millar and Rob Chrunyk who founded a company as Outlaw Marine in 1987. The two built sport and commercial boats until 1993, when Chrunyk left the company to start Eagle Powerboats, which focused mainly on race and sport boats. Meanwhile, Outlaw Marine specialized in backcountry hunting, fishing and commercial boats.

 Dale Whiteside had the determination and experience to take aluminum river boat building to the next stage. Drawing on over 15 years of experience building boats, racing and exploring the rivers, Dale has taken on and continued to advance the legacy. 

Dale started jet boat racing with Chrunyk in 1996, and soon after started work in the Research & Development division of Eagle Powerboats. With Dale’s background in custom mountain snowmobile fabrication and performance jet boats, plus his 6 years of racing and pleasure boating throughout Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, and the United States, had him wanting more. In Feb of 2002 Dale took the next step and purchased Outlaw Marine from Alex Miller. Continuing the Outlaw tradition, Dale has followed the reputation of building the best backcountry, heavy duty commercial (or any style of jet boat in-between) that’s manufactured in Canada. The company still prides itself on having one of the most extensive inventory of parts for all brands of jet boats. Only a couple years later in 2004, Dale purchased Eagle Powerboats from Chrunyk and merge the Outlaw line with the Eagle line under the same roof. 

With Whiteside at the helm, the company boosted its R&D capabilities and now prides itself on having the most cutting-edge boats in the industry. He says the company continues to change and improve its boats on a yearly basis. Outlaw Eagle's aluminum race hulls hold the most records and have won 23 of the last 26 world championship whitewater races - two of which were won by Whiteside himself.

With an owner who is not only an avid outdoorsman, but also an active river racer, it is no surprise that Outlaw Eagle is always pushing the envelope in the river boat industry. The sleek lines and aggressive performance of the Eagle line are paired to meet any adrenaline seeker's imagination. Outlaw's boat standard features are second to none and are the preference of many outfitters and commercial boaters. From the toughest bottom platform in the industry and heavy duty hulls, this line is designed to last  a lifetime. 

From Beginning to end and full in-house production, whether it is a custom commercial boat for oilfield or search and rescue, performance sport for the shallow water, or heavy duty tough boat for multipurpose river, lake or ocean use, we build the best.  Through testing and racing, we have come up with bottom designs which really set our boats apart from all others. We spend a lot of time in the water driving the boats, learning about them and comparing them.  We also stay in touch with our customers, listening to what they have to say, understand what their needs and uses are, which helps us develop and build better boats to suit their needs.

                          Building customer loyalty through quality and performance.

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