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Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing Ltd. Joins the American Boat and Yacht Council

Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has joined the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), a non-profit marine safety standards and technical education organization serving the boating industry around the globe.

By becoming a member of ABYC, Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing Ltd. has validated their commitment to both safe boating standards and practices, as well as to better customer service through support of ABYC’s education and professional marine certification program.

ABYC’s membership of approximately 5,000 is made up of boat builders, surveyors, boat yards, insurance companies, marinas, dealerships, government agencies, equipment and accessory manufacturers and marine enthusiasts. The organization has been developing, writing and updating the safety standards for boat building and repair in the United States for over 60 years.

“At Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing Ltd. we believe that belonging to and supporting organizations such as ABYC will help increase the quality of our customer’s boating experience,” said Dale Whiteside (Owner and CEO of Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing Ltd.) “Membership in ABYC will give us the opportunity to participate in the standards development process, give us access to technical experts and provide us with the opportunity for professional training for our employees. It will also ensure we are complying with industry standards, which we all know improves boating safety.”

“Only with the support of members like Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing Ltd. are we able to continue our mission to develop safety standards for the design, construction, maintenance and repair of recreational marine craft,” said Kevin Scullen, ABYC’s Membership Director.  “Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing Ltd. understands that safety is the primary concern when taking your family out on the water and ABYC gives them the resources to professionally service and maintain their boats.”

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