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Aluminum Boats

You’ve probably found you’re having this conversation with your friends / family on why aluminum boats over other product? It’s one of the biggest arguments in the boating industry today.

Why aluminum boats?

  • Welded aluminum boats can weigh approximately 40% less which means:
    • less horse power requirements
    • higher speeds
    • better fuel economy
    • and easier to tow
  • Aluminum does not absorb any water
    • Fiberglass absorbs water if the gel coat is compromised. This means that your hull will start to show its age much faster, and can compromise the hull strength. This also means your repeated gel coat treatments will be expensive and time consuming
  • Fiberglass is flammable and has a low melting temperature, which means if a fire starts it can move quickly, unobstructed, causing major damage and safety concern. Aluminum is harder to ignite, and is fire retardant
  • Aluminum has such an amazing longevity, and it reflects in your value. You see up to 20% more resale value in aluminum over fiberglass. The way Outlaw Aluminum Boats and Eagle Performance Boats are constructed, you’re looking at many years of value
  • Aluminum boats are customizeable as they don’t use a specific mold to build their boat. Fiberglass boats are restricted to just customizing the interiors as the molds are very expensive to modify
  • Outlaw Eagle aluminum boats, use aluminum stringers in comparison to fiberglass using wooden stringers. When the wood begins to rot, or break down, you’re looking at major overhauls and repairs
  • Aluminum is reflective, that means aluminum boats have a cooler surface in the sun
  • Aluminum is a more environmentally friendly product, as fiberglass utilizes volatile organic compounds in its manufacture and neither waste nor the eventual hull are recyclable.
  • Fiberglass is susceptible to cracking at stress points like attachment points and door or window frames and these cracks can be difficult to properly repair
  • Aluminum boats are the number one choice for Government and Commercial use vessels under 60′